Monday, August 13, 2007

My things arrived...and those lamo's at AA totally messed up my suitcase!

Hurray!!! My things arrived in Port yesterday and the boys went to retrieve them today. I was really happy to see my suitcases, and know I would not have to send my mom on a mad shopping spree! I have underwear galore!!!
The only thing is that they obviously(riduculously so) went through one of my suitcases and it's actually totally wrecked!!! Arggh!!! I may have to write them a little letter...for a free ticket perhaps(I wish!)
Things went great today. We did some organizing in a storage room on the roof and I think I sweated a small bucket full...seriously gross! There is so much stuff here that needs to be organized and I am happy that I can help out with that which will help to know exactly what we have to work with...even with sweat dripping running flowing down my face!
The little girl that I have been taking care of has decided that I am her mother and as she's doing better, we are introducing her back to her group downstairs and there has been a lot of screaming! Kind of flattering but frusterating at the same time as I can't be downstairs without her attached to my hip! 
Kind if had a teary moment today when I was sitting with a boy who is six and was thinking about how he hasn't had a mommy to rock him to sleep and pat his back...and still needs one!
Anyway, I need to do as much as I can with the power on.
Sorry no pictures yet!


Becky said...

Hooray! You don't think it was Haiti officials that messed up your stuff?

Ingie said...

Which boy was it