Sunday, August 12, 2007

One adventure after another...after another after another...etc

I'm here!! It's hot and I have so many things to tell you already! The trip was fine, even though once we got to Port-au-prince(Port) we realized that no matter how long we waited, our luggage was not going to show up. Oh, and it still hasn't!! And American Airlines has no idea where it is! So, I have been washing my one set of clothes every night and wearing them everyday...the Haitian way I suppose!
So, where to begin on the rest of the last couple days! After the luggage fiasco, Thym picked us up and we went to a place called Blue Ridge which is a mission run by Mennonites to wait for Melinda to fly in. It was so nice to see Pat and a few kids and let it sink in that I was finally in Haiti. Pat immediatly bestowed me with a beautiful little 2 year old girl who is temporarily at the orphanage as she's quite malnourished and had actually been rushed down the mountain to stay with Pat in Port as she took a turn for the worse. It was kinda nice actually because it gave me a focus for the next couple crazy days. So, we picked up Melinda and witnessed a UN truck flip should have seen the hype that caused!! Only in Haiti! It was already late in the day, and since we were planning to take the much longer route home as the road is better, we decided to stay overnight in Port. It was nice to have a moment to breathe, and enjoy the pool there...yes I was spoiled!
We headed home after a few stops, and after about 1 1/2hrs we had to turn around because the truck started acting up and it was 4 more hours home. So we headed to another mission called Christian Service Int'l (CSI) and got a suite in one of their guest houses while the guys took the truck to get fixed. Shortly after supper, we got a call that one of the babies was really sick and had been taken to the hospital in Mirebalais, which as I have learned is not the greatest option.
So, after some discussion, we decided to load up the truck and head up the mountain the pitch dark! Not a super great idea for many reasons, but a necessary one! There were some groups of people that we drove by really quickly...imagine what you will... The road is looking a lot better however, and the 3 hour trip now takes only 1 1/2 hrs!! Amazing!! And the Lord kept us safe and we made it home by 11pm. There was a nurse at the hospital who did a really great job and the baby was looking good as could be expected, which really surprised Melinda and Pat.
We arrived at HCH and after unloading, feeding some hungry kids, and getting settled, I went to bed. And I woke up sore knowing I must have slept like a log!
I am sleeping downstairs and the noise of the kids woke me up early this morning. It was so great to see them! They are all so big and I was surprised how many remembered me. They also kept asking where Ingie was and saying that we are supposed to come together! The babies I cared for last year are all walking and doing great, and the sick little guy that came right before we left last year is looking amazing and is so cute and totally cuddly!
It's hot, and my one shirt has been quite, shall we say, moist!
The classroom/play area is looking amazing so far. A team was just here and they did a bunch of painting and I am so excited to get things set up amd seeing what God has planned to happen in that room in the next year!
I am really happy to finally be here...admittedly there were some teary moments on the way here, but some really happy ones mixed in there!
So, I'm here, I'm happy, I'm sweating alot, and receiving lots of hugs and kisses.
Lots of pictures to come.


Ingie said...

You know I wish I was there with you...your stories were wonderful but made me want to be there more...I cried a little when you said that the kids were asking for me. Big suprise I know. I love you and I miss you give my boys a hug for me.

Becky said...

Oh Lori, you're there! with no clothes! Funny that we never asked you if you had more than one pair... Hahaha... Hopefully they arrive soon. I can't believe you drove there in the middle of the night! Aiyaiyai. That is SO exciting that so many kids remember you. I'll check in again soon.

Bid said...

I hope they wrote you an email...beginning with sorrylori.

Hey, so Thursday night as I went to bed I realized you had asked me to take your TV to Dani's for you on Monday....I totally forgot and didn't think anything of it until Thursday....I'm really sorry.