Friday, July 20, 2007

Reality Slap

So, I counted again today...and then I counted again. I got the same number. 20. Yep, 20 days until I will be on an airplane headed for Haiti for at least a year. 20 days until I head off to serve my Lord in a country that I fell in love with one year ago. 20 days until I manage to sweat by just blinking. 20 days until I don't see friends and family for 3 months or so, and then for an uncertain time after that. 20 days until I get to hug and kiss and cuddle those kids I am looking forward to seeing so much!! 20 days until I begin to plan the details for a new program at the orphanage starting in Septmeber(and it's going to be quite the adventure I know!!). 20 days to decide what comes this trip and what waits until you come and visit or pick up your long-awaited children! 20 days until I set aside old dreams and plans and follow a new, exciting and overwhelming plan that God has for me! 20 days...

I'm excited but definitely had a reality slap today

20 days