Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Happenings

It's been a while since I've posted anything, but we've been quite busy with things and I haven't wanted to be on the computer that much.

So, where should I start...

Well, Jean-Diny's mom arrived with his two adult sisters on Thursday. It took him a couple days to really figure things out I think, but he's quite enthralled with her now.It's been 7 years of waiting for him, and so hopefully the whole adoption process will go quickly. It's so neat to see him interact with her.

Then, on Friday we received a little baby who is about a month old and weighs 3lbs. She's incredibly tiny, but doing so great! Pat named her Danae and she's now the new little peanut around her.

A short while ago they built a little swimming pool and we took the kids in there yesterday...I think we got more tired out than them!

Hurricane Dean has been causing some havoc...we were affacted by some really cool evenings and a lot of rain...and I am NOT complaining! I actually slept with a blanket last night!

You should have seen the rain come down was incredible!

We've been going through about 50 rubbermaids of clothes and blankets and such for the past few days, trying to get things organized as they've been left for a while! It's looking good, even though I know there are a few more places that things are hiding.

I'm hoping to be able to get the ladies that are here to help me finish setting up the schoolroom, cuz I could use the help! I'm really excited about that area and need to have it all ready for when we start!

Creole is coming along quite nicely, though I need to pull out my books and do some studying. There has just been too many things to do and people to visit with! I'm doing great...have a few bugbites and am finally getting rid of some heatrash. Annoyingly, I think I've got a cold!!!

Anyway, there's an update and I'll try again to attach some pictures! You can see some on facebook as well!


Ingie said...

Who's the little girl? Did you get my e-mail????
Hows Andre and David
Give them a hug for me