Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going to the Bucket

The electricity has stayed on for another posting. I am happy.

Some great people in my church agreed to sponsor the outings I take the children on weekly, as well as the once a month special events. This has been so nice as it ensures that we have the ability to do these activities without taking the funds from the homes budget.

We go out on walks every week, and every other week, a part of our walk involves going to a little porch-front shop and having a treat. The kids look forward to it all week, and lovingly refer to it as the "bokit" which means "bucket" in Creole, which they mistakenly say instead of "boutik" which is Creole for "little shop". The workers here all have a great laugh when the kids realize we are going out and starting shouting that they are going to the bucket! Now it's just a big joke and they refuse to say it the correct way!! Along the way there is much excitement as they use their ever-increasing English vocabulary, and make connections between their school-books and the real world. It also gives us a chance to teach them about traffic safety..and my goodness, if they can survive in Haiti, crossing the street in N.America will be nothing!