Sunday, May 18, 2008

May's Special Event

We had lots of extra help with made it really fun!

Golson refused to get out of the he fell asleep in it!

Pat and Michael

Moise after resurfacing!

So, on Saturday we went to a place called Wazo Plaza where there is a great pool where the kids can swim and eat and have a great time. The kids were very excited when they realized what was happening, as we all were at the prospect of a nice change in routine. We loaded the truck up, and headed out across town. On the way, we stopped in town to pick up some snacks, and I saw the truck for IBESR(Haitian social services who renews the licences of orphanges) and said as much to Pat. She raised her eyebrows and said, "I sure hope they aren't coming to see us cuz we're not there". About 30 minutes after we arrived at the pool, Melinda (who was in Port-au-Prince) called to say that they had indeed arrived at the orphanage, and had called her, and after interviewing some people there, they were going to come and see us at Wazo Plaza!! We had a good laugh when Pat said, "Well, I better get out of the pool so I'm not dripping all over them!". Anyway, the interview went well. And the kids had a great day. They are becoming more and more comfortable in the water, and we had a lot of fun just playing and interacting in a diferent setting. IBESR was very happy to see the kids out on an outing, as this is something that they are starting to stress: children in orphanges being exposed to life outside the compound. It also spoke very well for us that the children are taken on an outing every week, as well as to church every Sunday. So, it was a blessing that they got to see us there, despite Pat having to sit and talk with them in her swimclothes!