Sunday, May 18, 2008

The beginning of the catch up blogs

We've had another week of thoroughly annoying, not there when you need it, and then only for a minute or two, electricity...or at least what they like to refer to as electricity...I'm still not convinced.

A few interesting things have happened since my last post so I'll try and catch you all up. I think I'll split it up into a few postings, just in case the "electricity" decides to part with us again.

The week started with a bang Monday morning when at about 9am a new arrival knocked on our front gate...well, his father did anyway. The little boy arrived with his father and maternal aunt, and I knew after all the pics I'd seen on The Rescue Centre's site that he had kwashinors syndrome. That is, for all of you who are still trying to pronounce the word, a form of malnutrition caused by a lack of protein in the diet, which then causes the cells to absorb fluid and then the child starts to swell. Isaiah, as he came to be called, had the hugest cheeks I have ever seen. He looked absolutely pitiful, his face so puffy he couldn't even really open his mouth to let out a cry! Melinda was gone to Port, so Pat and I got him cleaned up, and found out his story. Apparently Isaiah's mom has been paralyzed since his birth, and the family had decided that they could not care for him. I asked how long he'd had the puffy face for, and they said, "oh, he's alwas been a big boy"...they really had no clue that he was as sick as he was. They told us he was 6 months old, though we are wondering if that's short a few months, as he's become quite interactive,
and seems to be past the 6 month markers. He is doing quite well, and it was amazing to see how much he changed, even within the first 24hours of being provided with proper nutrition,.

Isaiah: Day 1

Isaiah Day 2....already starting to look better...especially with that nasty hair gone.