Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pottymouth "Cringlish"

So, the kids here are learning English,and often we hear very funny sentences made up of English and Creole words. Sentences like "Kote shoes mwen?", ("Where are my shoes"), are a regular part of the day. We ourselves use a lot of "Cringlish", a mix of Creole and English, when talking with the kids to encourage them to use the words they know in English, and to ensure they are still able to understand. Then today, I was in the middle of directing some toddlers to sit, and mixing English and Creole together completly, I combined the English word "sit" with the Creole word meaning sit, which is "chita"(prounounced sheet-a), and loudly blurted "shit!". They did. Sit, I mean. Never have I been more thankful that the toddlers are only beginning to understand English, and have no idea what I had said. But, boy did it cause some laughter at the dinner table, as it was just to funny not to tell!!
On the same note, there is a little girl here who is a beautiful chubby little one year old, and I call her a little Budddha all the time...she resembles one to a tee! I was informed over some more tears of laughter that "bouda" is the profane way to say bum in Creole!! Me and my pottymouth!


Jelly Beans Gurl said...

Too funny Lori! It sounds like you are having the time of your life. Love you

Al said...

Now I know that the kids at YFC are not using crude language, they are simply speaking "Cringlish." They will be happy to learn that you also know how to speak Cringlish.
Stay encouraged, Lori!


Bid said...

that's awesome.