Thursday, April 10, 2008

News from Haiti

So, as some of you have started to hear, there are some hungry, angry people in Haiti. Prices of food here have risen about 40 percent since last summer, and many people are at the end of their rope. I can't say I blame them.
Things got a little testy here in Mirebalais yesterday. There was a roadblock on the bridge to town, and thankfully Melinda was able to get back after the weeks market shopping...nothing like pulling the "I'm feeding orphans" string! The rioters warned the market sellers to be gone by noon or they would steal and rampage the market. The police did manage to break up the roadblock, but the word is the rioters in turn went to the market and created havoc. We sent our Haitian workers home early, but things seem to have quited down here overnight.
Below is just one of news stories out there. There's a lot out there to read, most of which is true. Especially the reports of food rotting in containers in the ports...that has a lot of people wild around here!

However, in all of this please pray for us, but do not be overly concerned. We are not concerned for our safety, however the reality of food availibility may at sometime be a real issue. Please keep us and the hungry people in our community and this country in your prayers.

Uneasy calm in Haiti after food price protests International Reuters