Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mum's the word

So, yesterday I woke up and started out the day normally, and then I tried to talk. I couldn't. Nope. Nada. The first time in my life I totally lose my voice it has to be at an orphanage where talking is a necessity of life! I had to whisper what I could into some kids ear, and have them say things for me! They thought it was quite funny, and there were definitely some kids prancing around saying "Lori pa kab pale!"(Lori can't talk). But surprisingly, most of the time they would do their best to listen and say what they thought I was going to say even before I said it. But, there were definetly some times when it was super doesn't realize the power of a voice attached to a stern face! Today I was able to talk a bit better, though definitely not very loud...and the toddlers were very disgusted when I could not sing "the wheels on the bus"!
Richard came to visit today. He went home about 3 months ago and has been coming for check-ups every 15 days....or is supposed to be. He hadn't been here for six weeks, and today he showed up with sores all over and looking kinda droopy. He hadn't lost any weight, but we were so not impressed. He was here for the afternoon and eventually started to perk up a bit. We got a few of those great smiles we know so well! He's supposed to come back in one week...and we really razzed his grandma about making sure she bring him!! So frusterating when service and care is being provided, free of charge, and they just decide to ignore it. Aarrrggghhhh! Ok, venting done!
Jessica and Jarod's mom and grandpa arrived yesterday. Last night they weren't too sure what they thought about these new folk, but this morning Jarod pointed at the gate and said, "Mama vini?" (Is mom coming?) We were amazed he had the idea down already!! They'll be going home next week along with Judite...our house seems to be emptying by the minute!!! Soon, we're gonna be down to just boys for the most part!! Oh, and for some reason we keep hearing that we have no babies to adopt out...which is funny as there is a room down the hall chalk full of 7 little chubbs under 8 months...just a note!


Bailey Skaret said...

Hey lori... Melissa Nelson here. I'm so excited to be planning my way down there! i'm thinking only one month... june. i'd leave here either the 1 or 2nd. then leave near the end. i'll let you know more when i know. would that work for you to come pick me up at the airport and then take me back to the airport? omg i'm getting so stoked! how is angelique doing? is she liking it there? say hey to Jojo for me. tell him i saw Neil Kroeger a few days ago and he's hoping to give me something to give to him. anyways, I can't wait to see you and meet all the beautiful people you keep talking about! i love you and miss you! see you soon!!!

Bid said...

Poor Richard.... that makes me sad. I knew I should have sent something down for him!!!