Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update on Alyssa

None of us were prepared for what ended up happening with Alyssa. Her mom returned on Monday and told us that Alyssa's father refused to reckognize her as her his daughter, and would therefore not sign any papers regarding releasing us into her care. So, Melinda detailed to her everything she needed to do at the court house declaring publicly that the father had forfeited his rights and obtain the papers we needed to permanently take Alyssa into our care. We even said that we could pay for any paperwork she could not afford. She left again with Alyssa and we assumed she was heading to the court house.
Then the unthinkable happened: we recieved news that someone had found a baby in the mud by the river. None of us even dreamed that baby was our little Alyssa. However, we soon began to hear of the details, and were shocked to hear that indeed Alyssa's mother had left here and walked to the river and left Alyssa in the mud.
Yes, in the mud.
This little girl who God had literally brought back from death's doorstep was left in the mud like a piece of trash.
Thankfully, God sent some young girls who found her shortly after and took her up to the court house.
I was devestated. Shocked. Disgusted. Angry. Sad. Hopeless. I think I experienced almost every emotion in the book.
Then we heard that the brother(and his wife) of one of the leaders at the church we attend here was planning to take in Alyssa.I really just wanted to march up there and demand they give Alyssa back to us, but then realized that perhaps I needed to let God work out His plan. But, I was mad. Mad at the woman who gave birth to Alyssa. Mad at the circumstances that brought Alyssa here initially. Mad at the man who fathered Alyssa and refused to take any responsibility for her, even if it only involved writing his name so we could legally care for her. Mad at the reality that though I don't have a lot of love for Alyssa's birthmom, I also realize that she is not in a good situation herself. Mad because it seems so unfair. Mad because I don't understand. Mad because we see things like this over and over and over. Mad because the cycle seems endless. Mad because sometimes our hands are so tied up. Mad because caring so much can really hurt a lot. Mad because I can't see why.

The last we've heard about Alyssa is that the family that has been taking care of her is going to take her to Port-au-Prince to live with her aunt who has no children. It's totally out of my hands, and I have some sense of peace knowing that He holds Alyssa in His hand. But I still have this hope that jumps in my heart each time someone bangs on the gate.


kayder1996 said...

Og my goodness! That just brings tears to my eyes.

adrienne said...

Lori, I'm mad too. I guess all we can do is pray. Sorry so much for all the pain you are having to experience. In our hearts we know God is holding Alyssa in the palm of His hand.

DeAnna said...

Hey Lori! I love hearing more about what's going on! My heart goes out to Alyssa! I'm praying for her and also for you guys at HCH, as this must be so hard, she was so adorable!!
You have amazing pics of the kids!! Jay has seriously gained wieght since I left, he looks so good! The pic of Daniel & Josef almost made me cry, its so cute, makes me miss everyone alot.
All the best and hopefully see ya soon!!