Monday, February 9, 2009

Prayer Request

This is Roselisa. You might remember her being referred to back in July as Ti Chat(little cat). She came to stay with us last summer as she had become severely dehydrated and has been here since. I'd been looking for someway to get her some help for her clubbed feet and other abnormalities she has with her legs, when I came across CURE Caribbean while I was home last summer. They work in the Dominican (and worldwide) and do clinics 4 times a year in Haiti. I got in contact with Dr. Scott Nelson who immediatly told me how happy he would be to help Roselisa.

So, this Sunday, Feb 15th, we are heading to Cap Haitien in northern Haiti to meet with the CURE team. Some great people who I am looking forward to meet, Clark and Pat Moore, have opened their home to us while we are there. It was such a blessing to get in contact with them and not have to worry about those details anymore!

Roselisa and her dad Sadrak. He'll be staying with her at the hospital after her operation

Her little feet

Rose was actually born the day I got to Haiti:August 8th, 2007. Her dad brought her down to us as her little legs were crossed up over her stomach/hips and it was apparent something was not right. I worked with him to show him some range-of-motion exercises that he could do with her. At this time, Rose can't crawl because of some mishapen and immobile joints, but she scoots herself across the floor on her bum, propelled by muscular forearms that would put any body builder to shame.
Please pray for our safety on the trip there and back on some little dinky plane. Pray that Rose will be calm and perhaps a little less fiesty than usual as she interacts with the doctors and surgeons. Pray that God will guide the medical professionals as they plan and carry out the plan for treating Rose's condition. Ask that God would quicken my Creole tongue as I am heading north where the Creole is not quite the same.