Sunday, November 16, 2008

This week...

Melinda and Minnie left for the states for about 3 weeks.

I went to the hospital to pick up a baby, and ended up watching a c-section!

There was a mouse in our room...very eventful time trying to get it out!

Janae(c-section baby) joined our ever-growing family. Her mom had come to us before she was born and for a number of reasons wanted/needed to give her baby up.

Just two hours or so after our nurse(Melinda) left to catch her plane, I went to the hopital to pick up another baby. This one was a premature (28 weeks) baby, so very tiny and so very cold. This little boy was the tiniest baby to ever come to HCH. The wonderful pediatrician here, Dr. Touissaint, needed the use of our warming table and incubators for this little one.

For the first time in my life I performed CPR... on that same tiny little baby! I never would have thought that those CPR classes would be put to use on someone so tiny. Pat and I brought him back twice, but then the third time God decided to take him home. That was really hard. It gave me an even deeper appreciation for Pat and Melinda, who do this all the time, putting their all into a child and sometimes losing them. It's way harder when you've been hands on. However, seeing how that little baby struggled so much in his short life, there was also some comfort knowing that he is with the best Healer of all.

Levi stood up without holding on to anything!

Lineda 2nd front tooth came in the rest of the way! Finally!

I started teaching school while Minnie is gone. I don't know how she does it! I've learned that I can teach just fine, but how she keeps all those kids going in their books with all of them being at such different stages I DO NOT KNOW!! As well, there was a lot of "testing the waters" going on. I am not regularly in the classroom, and so many of the kids were trying to find out if I was the same Lori in the classroom as I am downstairs! Some of them didn't like it too much when they realized that I could(and did) put them on time-out even in school! However they did quite well, and they are all still alive (jokes) and I was very thankful for Hannah(one of our great volunteers) and all her help!!

I've acquired a nasty cough/sore throat/plugged ears..very annoying!

There has been much laughter over how the toddlers have all started to say "brush your teeth". Not "brush my teeth" but a perfect copy of how we say "brush your teeth" when we call them to do so.

In my preschool class I've been working on the kids' English vocabulary. One day I held up a picture of a bed and asked them what it was. Gerald responded "go to bed"!!!!! Then they all looked at me in sheer beweilderment as I collapsed into laughter!

I continue to be so blessed by being here. There are times when it's hard(especially cuz I am a wimp when I'm sick cuz I rarely get sick...except for this time it seems!) and I wonder what I am doing here. I never thought potty-training would be such a learning curve...and not just for the kids! I've finally re-adjusted to the weather, and thankfully November is slowly but surely bringing its gift of cooler weather! There was one day when one of the kids said "you bath again?" because my hair was soaking wet with sweat! Sick, I know!
Yet, despite the sweat and feeling like I look like crud almost everyday, and the very difficult days, and all the everday issues, there is so, so, so much joy in being here and knowing I am doing what God has called me to do.

I have called you and you are mine
-The Lord


kayder1996 said...

Hope school is going well. I know you remarked when we were there something that made me think that doing school was not a challenge but also not your strong suit. Praying for you right now, that you would have wisdom as you discipline and teach. If you're ever stuck and need ideas, give me a holler. Can't guarantee wonderful ideas but I'll listen to your frustrations!

Jelly Beans Gurl said...

WOW! I can't beleive all the stuff you are going through and all the stuff that is happening over there! A 28 week old baby, that is so sad. It must have been heartbreaking, but you are right, he is painfree now.
You are quite an amazing woman Lori. I don't think there is a selfish bone in your body. Your crown is gonna sparkle!
I'm 31 weeks now, so on the home stretch. Everything is still going well but I'm tired and sore...but really not complaining becuase it has been such a great pregnancy. The baby is moving all the time and sometimes makes my stomach very lopsided! Which always makes me laugh.
Hugs across internet land from me to you.

Elizabeth said...

Lori - just wanted to encourage you and let you know that there are a team of girls you haven't even met praying for your ministry. My friend Amy and I started the Bloom Project earlier this year with the hope that we could help people like you who are working with orphans...we are the ones who sent the money for formula and milk last month...a small gesture but we hope we will be able to do more in the future. I also hope that we will be able to visit soon so that we can gain a better understanding of your needs. My husband is just afraid that I will come back home with 3 of 4 children stashed in my suitcase : ) Much love and thanks to you and the team!