Monday, October 13, 2008

Upstairs Faces

It is so great to be back! I have a lot to write about, but I know a lot of people are wondering how the kids are doing, especially the ones who came to us recently in such poor shape! I had tears well up in my eyes a number of times when I first saw a number of the upstairs children. It is absolutely amazing how God has brought so many of them through so much hardship in their short lives and restored them. I am in awe of the miracles that have happened here at HCH and feel so priviledged to be a witness them. Thank you for all your prayers both for these children and for the staff here as we cared for them!

Can you believe this is Alyssa!?!?!?!?!
Samuel is such a happy healthy baby now!
Vince: just biding his time until he makes the treck downstairs
Rose Lisa: having some problems with skin/head infections, but is doing great and is kind of the surrogate mom in the baby room. She scoots herself over if someone's crying and plays with them or gives them their soother back. So cute!
Adam:let's just say this picture is very appropriate!
Steeven: smiling all the time now, and just 2 days ago held his own bottle and started to play with his feet. Amazing to see how far he's come!
Valentzaka, Paulentzska and Viventz. They will from this point on be referred to on my blog as Va, P and Vi...typing those ridiculous names is ridiculous! They are even considered ridiculous in Haiti!!
Yvenson(Even-son) our tiny tiny preemie. Apperently he is one of the tiniest HCH has ever had. He's doing alright, though is down to 2lbs at this point. That is a thing of baby wipes beside him for size comparison. Thanks for the preemie nasal cannullas everyone!

This is the new Richard. We are not yet sure if perhaps he is hydrocephalic due to the size of his head. However he is a happy little guy!
Jean Kendy was blessed to have an adoptive family almost from day one!!!
Ester has lost her ET look and is so cute!!
Carlos had gone home and was doing poorly and so finally his family agreed to bring him back. His skin is a mess, but he is now leveling out and is a very happy little guy. He has not needed any anti-seizure medication for a long time, and we are praying that the "shakes" that he experienced after his close call with life will not bother him again!


Grace said...

Hey, Thanks for updating the blog with more pics. That is so cool. Keep 'em coming.
I think I recognize the little dress that Ester has on. I'm pretty sure I bought that and sent it with my sister, Hannah. That was so cool for me to see.
You are all totally doing God's work in Haiti. May he totally bless you for helping to take care of the children. It is so awesome.

Annerieke said...

wow...thanks for the great post Lori! they're all so super sweet.