Friday, October 17, 2008

Just Cuz we had nothing else to do!

Monday morning we realized that once again there was a back-up in the sewer system. The toilets wouldn't flush and the drains kept backing up. This has happened many many times and we thought it would simply be a matter of taking a plunger to things as we have done before. Alas this did not happen, and early Tuesday morning I was awakened by David knocking on my door to tell me there was water everywhere! Sure enough, sewer water had back up right out of the bathrooms and was making its way down the hallways. I went to wake the other girls up and we began the job of getting all the kids outside, along with everything they would need for the day and all the furniture that might be in way of the water. Cedieu, one of the Haitian guys around here began breaking up the cement covering the sewage draingage hole, and it was soon discovered why things had backed up. As soon as we got the lid off we could see hoards of clothing and diapers, shoes and empty toothpaste tubes and other such paraphenalia that had been thrown down the toilet and blocked off the drainage! We got the kids situated outside and fed breakfast, and then joined Melinda and her crew to begin cleaining things up! It was stinky work, but it was made much more bearable by the fact that we had water hoses running everywhere which really cooled things off. And the house has never been cleaner!Thankfully no damage was done and everything is in working order again!

Melinda trying to control the flow of sewer water

We had to break a hole under the door to access another place to sweep dirty water out of the house.

4 of these totes were filled with decomposing clothing and diapers and such that had been thrown down the toilet! It is now a royal crime to wash diapers in the house...thus the temptation to throw diapers that are just a little too dirty down the toilet is removed!
Melinda getting in there like a dirty shirt!
The Ark "floating" in the dirty sewage water in the playroom

Our cleaning crew: Many willing hands made the load light! Thanks everyone!


Arthur and Jessica said...

You don't know me, but if you use cloth diapers there, you should check out this link.
They send diapers to missionary families, and I know they've sent to orphanages and such before too. If you think you could use more than you have now or could use any other diapering supplies (covers, liners, snappis, etc), it might be something to check into. :-)

Jelly Beans Gurl said...

Oh man! That sucks so much! I'm impressed by your positive attidue. I HATE sewer problems. Nothing is grosser! Hope you are doing well. I have one week left and then I'm into my third trimester!