Sunday, September 7, 2008

HCH Evacuation

Good morning everyone.
I just got news that the orphanage had to evacuate this morning at about 7:30 their time(8:30 our time) due to flooding. They had lots of notice, and managed to get the necessary medical supplies(incubators, etc) to the hospital(no they do not have incubators at the hospital) along with all of the children. The flooding is of a slow nature at this point, so there are still people working to move things out of the danger of the water. The cooks were still down finishing preparing lunch for the kids as the work to secure the orphange was finished. Currently the road leading to the orphange is covered in water(there are other back ways to access the orphanage), and continues to creep higher, so they are prepared to stay the night up at the hospital. Please keep all of the staff and children in your prayers as they prepare to spend a day out of familiar surroundings. Pray that the peace of God wil reign in the hearts of all the children and adults, and that they would feel His hand of comfort and reassurance throughout the day. Pray that the water damage would be minimal and will not keep the orphange unaccessible for the children for an extended period of time. Pray for wisdom for Melinda and Pat as they care for sick and fragile children, and for Minnie and Hannah as they care for the other children along with some of our Haitian staff.
Please keep the Haitain families who are our neighors in your prayers as well, as many of their homes are currently being invaded by water, and they are losing what little they have. Please pray for the people of Haiti, as Hurricane Hanna hit the coast quite devastatingly, killing hundreds of people, and Huricane Ike is now ravaging the northwest coast. Pray that the people of Haiti will turn to God in this time of need, and that His presence will be felt in the lives of many.
Cuba is going to be hit hard by Hurricane Ike, and your prayers for this other island nation would be of great value.
There are a number of sites where you can go to glean information regarding the hurricane, including (here to track Hurricane Ike) (article about Haiti) (another article) (link to a whole bunch of info regarding Haiti)

Thanks so much for your prayers. Please feel free to call or email with questions!
Luv, Lori


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Thanks for the information.
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