Saturday, September 20, 2008

And back I go

So it's official. I am flying back to Haiti on the 7th(well, arriving on the 8th) of October! I am so happy! It has been so great being home, though I had a really hard time not flying back a couple weeks ago during all of the Ike craziness!! The weather has been so beautiful and it's been great for spending time with friends and HCH kids and may other great Alberta things. I even kayaked 16km one weekend. I know you are all now wishing you could be as outdoorsy as me! The next three weeks will be busy getting ready for Laura's wedding and organizing all the stuff I am going to be bringing to Haiti, and the other stuff I need to have ready for whoever comes next from this area. I am really going to try and do things AHEAD of time, and avoid the stressful crunch I seem to get myself into as I plan and prioritize the heaps of stuff people have provided!
Things continue to carry on at HCH. I got an email from Melinda yesterday regarding a little girl named Jeana that had been admitted who was 14 months and weighed 8lbs. Then this morning, I was informed that she did not make it...she was simply too far gone. We are slowly but surely beginning to see the effects of the nearly 50% rise in food costs in Haiti, and now the devastation that Ike caused has made so many people absolutely desperate for help. Please continue to keep Haiti and its peoplem as well as HCH in your prayers as more children are brought to our door.


kayder1996 said...

Glad to hear you're going back...any ideas on how you're actually going to get to Mirebalais? Are the roads in passable condition at all?

kayder1996 said...

I also just thought to ask if we could mail something to you to take with you to Conleigh. I don't know what but maybe a dress or a toy? If that's okay email me at and let me know.

Annerieke said...

Wow Lori, God bless you as you prepare to go back to HCH and in the next weeks as you spend more time with friends and family.
It seems you met a good friend of mine at Bonnie Doon Mall?!!!!!
will it be possible to send you an e-mail?
big blessings!!!

Lori West said...

This is a message for Annerieke! I would love an email! My email is I realy need to add that to my blog don't I! Hope you get this soon!