Friday, July 25, 2008

A Day at Haiti Children's Home

Some people that were recently here thought it would be neat for me to post what kind of activities I do with the downstairs kids on a weekly basis. So here's a glimpse into the kid's daily schedule.

5:30-6:00 a.m. or some other unearthly hour- Wake Up, run around, wake everyone-else up
6:00-Nannies and other workers arrive
6:15- Bathtime
7:30-8:30-Breakfast(happens anytime during this time depending on what is being cooked)
8:30-Head outside if it's not too wet for morning playtime, or head to school upstairs with Minnie
10:00-12:00-Babies and toddlers up to age 4 take a nap
10:00-12:00-Morning activity with Lori, and/or school upstairs with Minnie
12:00 Lunch time-Haitian food
12:30-1:30-Playtime in the big playroom downstairs
1:30-3:00-Afternoon activity with Lori and other staff/volunteers
Monday: water activity-sprinkler, hose on curvy slide, etc
Tuesday: Outing-go for a walk to the river or through the corn fields, and every
other week we go for a treat at Thym's little store
Thursday: Game Day-parachute games(thanks Jen!), tag, hide-n-go-seek etc
Friday: Wading pool in our yard
Saturday: Wading pool again as the water's only good for 2 days in a row'
Sunday: Movie (this allows all of the American staff to have the afternoon off)
3:00-4:00-Mon-Fri-Bible Story Time with Melinda
4:00-:5:00 Bath Time (yes, twice a day!!)
5:20-First Supper-Downstairs babies and toddlers are fed North-American style meals prepared and served by our North-American staff
5:50- Second Supper-School aged children (age 3 and up) same meal
6:00- Daytime Nannies leave, one night person comes on for babies upstairs, bedtime routine starts downstairs
6:00-7:00- Singing and praying, then looking at books in bed while they are called in groups to brush their teeth while we change diapers.

Other Activites:
Sunday: Church-gone from about 9:30-12:30
Once a month outings-consist of going to the pool at a nearby hotel for the afternoon

It's funny looking and seeing what a busy day these kids have! No wonder I am ready to go to bed as well at 7:00pm!!! It's been very interesting to see the kids change over time and start to really thrive on their schedule, knowing what to expect throughout the day. We always joke that our kids are going to arrive home with their adoptive families and cry "entertain me"!! Thanks so much to all of you who have sent and brought the things we need to make so many of the daily activites possible!!