Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My day in numbers

5-the number of hours of sleep I got last night
6-the hour I left for the airport this morning
1 1/2-the time I spent in line at the airport in Port-au-Prince
1 1/2 -hours to fly from Haiti to Florida
2 1/2- the number of HOURS I waited for my luggage at the carousel in Ft.Lauderdale (never before have I had to wait longer for my luggage than to fly somewhere!)
20-minutes to make my connection in Ft.Lauderdale after my luggage came
3-inches that my drool spread on my sleeve when I fell asleep on the plane
4-the number of minutes by which I missed my connecting flight in Chicago
1-long sigh I let out when I realized, all sweaty from running, that I wouldn't get home until tommorrow
30-minutes I waited for my shuttle to the complimentary hotel
1-really cute little blond 18 month old girl who kept saying "otel, otel!"
15-dollars I got to spend for free on an amazing salad and pizza
4-blisters I have on my hand from running with my carry-on
4-soft cushy pillows on my bed
2-heavy blankets on my bed
8-hours until I have to get up


Nadia said...

we missed our flights by 5-10 minutes in sept as well!! the food vouchers and free hotel rooms made up for it all lol!