Monday, November 5, 2007

After the rain...

So much has happened since I've last blogged, I'm not even sure where to start!! We had a four day non-stop rain storm that made travel and communication here quite nuts, and we were not even really affected by the water as people were in Port-au-Prince and other parts of Haiti as well as in the Dominican.
As you will see in the pics on this posting, our numbers have grown again. Last week we welcomed two new children...a brand new baby girl who was born one morning and dropped off at her fathers by her mother who then took off, and was brought here by a nieghbour lady who happens to work here. Her name is Lydia and she's doing quite well, and seems huge compared to Evan and Levi who are still so small!!

And a girl makes three!!

Say hello to Lydia!!

This is Richard(pronounced the same way as our famous hockey player!!). He came to us just over a week ago, a 15lb malnourished, neglected little fellow. However, it has been very intersting to watch him slowly come out of his shell and turn into a very cute interactive little boy. He is quite popular around here, and continues to surprise us every day with his antics. We still do not know what is going to happen with him, as no family member has shown up to either sign him over or let us know what they are going to do with him. This means that at any time someone could show up and take him...we are all praying this does not happen!

The first day Richard smiled!

A couple weeks ago something really...well..funny I suppose is the right word, happened to me. Three of us girls and a Haitian man and our driver took 5 children down to Port-au-Prince to get Canadian medicals done. After a fairly uneventful morning of doctor visits and errand running, things suddenly took a steep turn. We had just finished buying some groceries and I was taking a toddler out of the cart, when the surprised looks and exclaims of the staff in the store grabbed my attention. As I had taken the child out of the cart and swung him on to my hip, diarrhea had literally flew out of his diaper and made a two foot stream on the floor of the store!! Not only that, my side was covered in it, and there was a pile of the stuff in the child seat of the cart! Everyone around was either laughing or looking at us in utter shock, and I was laughing and trying to absorb what had happened. Somehow we got out of the store, though not before the man that came and took the cart clearly showed by his facial expression that this was NOT IN HIS JOB DESCRIPTION!!! The stench was amazing, and I was covered with it. Thankfully I had taken my own advice and packed extra clothes, but then I had to go back in the store and walk by all the smirking people to go and change! Oh the utter hilarity!! The day by no means stopped there, as I was doused again later that day, and while waiting in the bathroom at another grocery store, I realized just how horrible I smelled when one lady who was also waiting suddenly gasped and "Ki bagay se santi konsa?"(What thing is smelly like that??)...she was unknowingly referring to me!!! After I finished in the bathroom, I proceeded to march up and down the aisles until I found my saving grace....a bottle of Febreeze!!! There was a lot of laughter and tears that accompany hard laughter...and everytime we talk about that day, the waterworks start again!! Oh the adventures!!!


Anonymous said...

Funny story Lori, only cause it happened to you... if that happened to me I would be annoyed and probably never laugh about it... its good you are in Haiti and not me!
Glad to hear things are going well.