Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Road Trip

So, funny thing happened yesterday. We went into town to fill the truck up with diesel and found out that all the pumps were out and they did not know when fuel was coming. So, seeing as my friends needed to go to the airport the next day, we realized we had to figure out something. After discussing our options and driving around Mirebalais trying to find out where the closest fuel was, we realized we were going to have to go about an hour away to fill up. The thing was, the fuel gage was just above the "E"! So, one of the male workers and I and Melinda's 3 year old son jumped in the truck and headed out with very little fuel and a prayer! Did I mention I was driving...very few of the workers here know how to drive, and so I've been doing a lot of driving as there is always a need for someone to run for water and such. Anyway, we set out on the main road west of here, which I had never driven on's really nice and paved....except for the huge potholes that your truck suddenly falls into!! Seriously, they come out of nowhere!! I have never geared up and down so many times before!! Not to mention the donkeys and kids and big huge trucks that don't like to share the road! Along the way we stopped to pick up a big huge truck driver who had run out of gas on the way to get gas, and I shortly discovered why God had put him in our path. In the middle of nowhere(at least it seemed so to me) I felt the truck give out....yep, we had run out of fuel!! "Conveniently" the driver we had picked up had some "jerry cans" (old empty vinegar containers) and he gave us one to use. So, Lunto (the Haitain worker with me) jumped on a motorbike that was passing by, and said he'd be right back as the town was really close. So, I found myself sitting on the side of the road with a 3 year old, no phone, fully expecting to be there for at least an hour. People were appearing out of nowhere, looking at the "blan" stranded on the side of the road! 10 minutes passed and I could not believe my eyes when I saw Lunto returning with our "jerry can". Minutes later we were on our way again, and sure enough there was the gas station, literally around the next corner!!! We filled the truck up and then headed home. I was so relieved to have made it safely so far though a story Melinda had shared with us recently kept coming to my mind...apparently in Haiti if a driver hits someone and kills them, people will chase them down and burn them alive in their truck....nice huh?? She did say that if that happened to us we likely would not be killed as we are not Haitian...however, we've all been a little more careful!! It's things like that that help you remember you are in a foreign land, especially as sometimes you get so used to things you kind of forget where you are!!
How's that for an ending to a tale??


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Lori, always great stories from Haiti... I am reading a book by Paul Farmer called The Uses of Haiti, I'll send it down to you if I could find someone to take it... Family at Christmas?