Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's cold joke!

Saturday afternoons are craft days...the kids love to put glue on everything...the paper, the table, the chairs, their hands, faces,'s been everywhere!
This is Evan at almost a month...can't believe how different he looks everyday! We are still wondering if he is hydrocephalic..and praying he's not!
Things have been busy as usual. Our short-term teacher has been gone to the DR for a week and will be back for one more week. Minne, the other gal that's here for a year, will be taking over the formal schooling part and I help her with translation when she needs help. I've been doing a little bit of everything and I quite enjoy that, along with doing developmental play stuff with the kids. We took in a little boy named Richard(said the French way) who's about 21months and on the malnourished side. It's been interesting to see the text-book malnourished tendencies...avoiding eye contact, throwing everthing, not responding to stimulation, not's really sad and we don't know what's going to be happening with him yet, as someone who knows his family brought him in as he had been sitting in someone's yard crying for days...his dad has yet to show up and let us know what he is going to do. Please pray that God's will will be done in this situation.
My friend Louise Hudson and her brother Julian arrived on Friday and it's really neat to have them here. The kids love having a guy around to play with them...they are all referring to him as the "big papa". Julian is half black and everyone here thinks he's a Haitian should have seen all the people speaking to him in Creole in was very entertaining!!
Thursday night brought a very stressful experience. One of the little one year old boys got very sick with pneumonia and strep throat and was covered with some kind of rash and to top it all of was in respiratory distress. So, I spent the night up with Melinda holding this little boy and praying and watching...there were a few times that we were quite concerned. Praise the Lord by moringing he was much better as a result of O2, penicillin and a lot of God's grace!! He's still not in great health, but is definitely on the mend. Your prayers would be really appreciated!
One day I had this odd little rash of sorts appear on one spot on my foot. That evening it was a little swollen and very sensitive to the touch. Melinda put me on Amoxycillin right away and waited to see what would happen. Two days later it did not hurt but my whole foot was swollen, and I was kinda wonding what was going on. Then finally it started to look less swollen and now it's fine. Melinda had done some reading and figured that it had been cellulitis and we had just caught it in time....that's exciting!! I'm so thankful that it did not get any worse than that!! Other than that and being a little tired after that long night with a sick baby, I've been feeling great and really happy to be doing what I'm doing.
I've been hearing that it's getting cold at it's only 25 outside...and we're a little cold...who woulda thought!!!


Anonymous said...

25 and cold... I can't wait to say that again. I wish I was there Lori...
ps its currently around 4 degrees here...