Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainy Season in Haiti

The Cabaret river flooded last week and has killed 47 people and left about 7000 homeless. You can see how high the water was on this house under the line of mud. The Cabaret river affected the town of Cazale about 3 hours from here. The river near here is also very swollen and actually swept a little boy right out of his house. It's amazing that these things are happening right outside the gate...really makes you stop and think about where you are...
A photo taken in Cazale after the water subsided. The road as been completely washed away in places, and people actually have to drive as far as they can, carefully walk on the a narrow path to the other side where the road is good, and get on another tap-tap(Haitian taxi).
This flood has affected thousands of people and has taken everything they had, which was by our North American standards not much at all. Please pray for the people who are trying to pick up their lives and locate family members, and for the many mission organizations who are serving the area in many ways.