Sunday, June 3, 2007

Haiti Children’s Home
New Kids Program Wish List

Thanks for taking the time to go over this list and see if you can help out. You will likely notice that there are some basic things that appear to be missing, but in fact we are blessed to have some things already waiting to be used. However, if you think of anything really great, or have ideas or questions, please contact me!!! The items that have numbers beside them indicate the number that we think will best benefit the group. We are happy to have used items that are in NEW condition, and garage sales are wonderful places to find treasures. If you would rather supply funds and send me shopping, that would be just fine. Thanks again for being involved with this project.

I will update this list as I collect things, so check here to see what is still needed

Play Room Supplies
- metal hot wheels type cars(not made of plastic as they don’t seem to last) (12)
-small water toys(for use with a water table) boats, funnels,etc

-plastic animals(lions, monkeys, dogs, fish, dinosaurs, etc) small and larger

-Play-Doh(anything that won’t require refrigeration-no “fruity”scents as that attracts bugs)
-Play-Doh toys, cutters, rolling pins, etc

-“View-Master” reels
-deflated soccer ball

-large flat Duplo building board
-Monkeys in a Barrel

Clinic Supplies
-preemie disposable diapers
-hand sanitizer
-adult Tylenol
-Children’s liquid Advil(or any brand)
-Children’s liquid suspension Tylenol (Tylenol brand only please)
-Dressing gauze-4x4’s and 2x2’s
-1/4” rubber bands for children’s tourniquets
-disposable ear probe covers for ear thermometer

CRAFT SUPPLIES(this list is not by any means exclusive)
-paper: construction, white, lined, etc

-markers (washable please) (4)
-wax crayons(2 large boxes)
-pencil sharpeners
-stickers(a lot of them!)
-stamps and non-toxic ink
-glue: stick(12)
-tempera paints(powder type-1 can of each color)
-water color paints(6)
-coloring books(both Bible based and misc)
-wiggle eyes
-crepe paper(streamers)
-lunch sized paper bags
-cotton balls
-tape: duct, masking, packing
-sequins, buttons, pom-poms
-lace, fringes, scrap material
-pieces of dense foam

Special Requests:
**classroom decorations: borders, posters, incentive charts, accents, alphabet train(like a long poster), etc
**Bible flannel-graph set
**quality(they need to last)clear plastic containers with tight fitting lids(shoebox size)~10
**small CD/CASSETTE player
**parachute ~$100-$150

** “100 Favorite Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs” by Stephen Elkins
** “Play-and-Learn Bible Level 4” illustrated by Terry Julian

**BUMBO chairs (or the bebePOD knockoff’s) for our special needs kids (2)~$50

I have done some pricing out of many things, so if you would like any of that info, just ask!