Friday, June 29, 2007

2 hours of Mayhem..and an answer to prayer

So, today I arrived home at about 1:00 from the city, as I was unpacking my car, my phone rang and it was a guy who is a part of a team headed to HCH. He was calling to let me know that they had some spare room to take some luggage for me.... oh, and that they were leaving tommorrow morning!!! Ahhhhh!!!! So, I spent the next two hours finding someone to take a big piece of luggage to the city, all the while I was literally ripping apart my spare room which has been storing my "for Haiti" collection, deciding what to pack and finding and filling every nook and cranny possible, trying to guess how much 70 lbs feels like in a huge market bag from Thailand! Somehow me and my pipes got that bag down 3 flights of stairs and into my car so I could go use the scale at the hospital...oh and here I will gloat... that bag weighed 70.3lbs!! I really thought I was WAY over the 70lb mark!! So, two hours later I sent off my lifesaver friend Anita to E-town with a bag full of stuff headed to HCH.

The amazing thing about this is, that just yesterday, I found out that there are luggage embargoes with American Airlines until August 12th(3 days after we leave!) which seriously impedes upon the amount of luggage I was planning to take. I've been really bummed out and frusterated with that turn of events for the last day, and now I am so happy and feel so blessed cuz God took care of all that in an even better way than I could have planned(which in my plans may or may not have involved a little heart to heart with someone at in American Airlines...thought I should clarify that!) Funny how things just "work out"!!!

41 more days!!


Bid said...

Ha ha. I beat the whole world and I'm the first to comment on your blog. It was a race and I won. I don't have anything spectacular to say other than that I'm the winner and I'm the best. O yeah. I'm humble. It's one of my finer qualities