Saturday, March 27, 2010


So, I was recently chastised ;) for not keeping this up, because not everyone uses facebook when I post updates about what is happening in Haiti. So, I will try and start again and catch you up.

I also realized I need a place to hash out life a bit again. So, here we go!!!

The first weekend of March, a Canadian missionary from the Dominican named Paul Branson, along with some Domincan friends and Canadian volunteers came to HCH and put up a temporary building for the kids.

Our connection with the Branson's (Paul and his wife Sharyn) came because they adopted kids from HCH a few years ago, are friends with people connected to HCH in Canada, and well...God saw fit to draw us all together, and it has really been a blessing!! Funds had been provided from the mission that the Branson's work with, as money was designated for HAiti, but they have no ministry in Haiti. So, God led them to support HCH and get out kids out of the rain! They have also come in previously to deliver food and milk, propane and dogfood( as crazy as that may seem with all that is happening in Haiti, it's really important to keep our guard dogs fed!!) and other necessities.

Here are some pics from the last trip. More from the previous trips to follow.

You can also read about their blog from the trip on their blog (just click on the weblink)

I'll post the next few in the next post. Pretty sweet HUH!