Saturday, January 24, 2009

Please pray for Alyssa

Alyssa arrived in July 2007. Severely malnourished and literally wasting away.
God worked and healed Alyssa. Here she is 6 months later!

Alyssa went home today. Her parents have been very uncooperative as far as providing us with the papers we need to keep her here at HCH, so after weeks of waiting for them to cooperate, we had no choice but to send her home. From what we know of her parents, they are not together and Alyssa's father refuses to take any responsiblity, even to get Alyssa a birth certificate so she can stay here. It is so frusterating because we did not by any means want to send her home, but legally she can no longer be at HCH without paperwork. It is even more difficult when we think back to the state she was in when she came!
Alyssa went home with her mom, and we sent food and milk for her, and told her what she needed to do if indeed she did want to give Alyssa up for adoption.
Now we wait.
It's hard, knowing and loving this precious little girl.
But, God is in control.
He knows the plans He has for Alyssa.
Though we sure wish we knew them in advance!
Please keep Alyssa and her parents in your prayers, as well as all of us as we wait to see what will happen with this precious little girl who has a place in all of our hearts!


Katie said...

My husband and I were there in August. Alyssa is so beautiful...she's come such a long way. It makes me so sad to think she could be returning to a bad situation. I am praying for this little one!