Thursday, September 20, 2007

So apparently the orphange got struck by lightening today...and other news!

So, it's been a while since I've written and as I just discovered some crazy news, I thought I might as well take the time to say hello and bring you up to date.
This evening I was downstairs feeding babies supper when all of a sudden there was this HUGE HUGE BANG, which surprised and scared everyone! All of us in the dining room thought it was just a big crack of thunder, but about 10 minutes ago I was informed that lightening came in through the window in Pat's room and hit the floor!! NO JOKE!!! Melinda was in the room and saw it all! CRAZY!!! We can only guess that the warming table, incubator(with might I add, a 3lb preemie in it), and the anti-jaundice lights(very techinical name!!) in front of that window attracted the lightening!! Nothing was wrecked and no-one was hurt...guess all this concrete is good for something!!! Praise the Lord that the sound was all that we knew of the incident!!

Things have been very busy here. About two weeks ago we had another preemie join us. I was able to help dub him "Evan...he's been doing quite well after a few not-so-sure-if-he-was-gonna-make-it days, and now he's eating from a teeny tiny little bottle and has normal coloured stools...I know some of you are like "ewwwhhh", but hey, we are thankful for small things here!!

We've been having some difficulites with the older children downstairs as things are changing as about 15 adoptions are coming to a close. The kids are starting to feel the changes and have reacted with some not so wonderful behaviors. We have spent some time discussing things that we can do to make things easier with the many changes coming, and I would appreciate if you would pray that these things work.

I was really happy the other day when Melinda, who speaks Creole like a Haitian, said to me that I speak really good Creole!! Hurray!!! Such an answer to prayer!! Only once in a while do I say something that sends people into peals of laughter...and that makes me wonder what terrible thing I must have said!! My friend Jojo has really been cracking down on me when I say things incorrectly grammatically...and I in turn have been helping him with refining his English. Please pray for him as he goes to hopefully pick up his Canadian visa(hopefully for real this time) and prepares to attend Bible College in Alberta.

Haven't spent much time in the schoolroom the last week or so...we've had a really wonderful adoptive family here the last week, as well as two volunteers, and things have been quite hectic at times. The schoolroom was in a state of disaster as we had cleaned out the storage room in it, and there were random, nasty, ratty, catty things all over! However, now things are clean and ready to go again. We had a meeting last week and decided to wait until October to start formal school as that's in just over a week and our other long-term people will be here by then. This also allows the children of Pat and Melinda to get settled into school before things get busy up there!
I've been doing great...finally seem to have rid myself of this little ringworm on my annoying!! Have a few too many bugbites in places I have to scratch behind closed doors...oh, I know, terrible Lori, terrible!! Nope, just honest!
Please pray that I will have patience with the kids with these behavoiur issues we are seeing, that I will be more disciplined at self-discipline, and that God would calm and reassure the kids who are leaving and the kids who are staying behind. Please pray for Melinda and as she is so busy with so many things, and for Pat as she deals with the in's and out's of life here at HCH, and pray that I can continue to be a good support to them.

Thanks for all the birthday hello's and encouragements!!